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Hello, hello!

Hello everyone! I'm Niles and I'm new here XD Let's see, I've been loving GLAY and Luna Sea for ages and I sincerely believe that Sugizo is a JRock GOD along with Yoshiki and hide XD

Anyway, I just wanted to say hi and perhaps promote my mp3 rotation journal. (I hope this is allowed! I'll edit this entry if it isn't ^^) It's electricdolphin. I named it after GLAY's Denki Iruka Kimyouna Shikou(Weird Electric Dolphin Kick) XD The main reason I started that community was to promote GLAY and Luna Sea songs and hopefully gain some new fans, os I rotate GLAY and Luna Sea songs every week! <3

So anyway, I hope some of you will visit! Thank you! :D
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