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We are officially open!

Hi Everyone!

I guess you have seen me before cos I seem to appear everywhere. Hahaha... ( Sorry about that. :P )

You are welcomed to join the community if you like Yoshiki or artistes (currently or previously) from Extasy Records. Posts of all sorts are OK, as long as they revolve around these artistes.

A little about the community...
It started out as an idea by me. I wanted to make a community that can include both of my favourite bands, GLAY and X Japan, and I thought a good way to link the 2 up is through their company -- Ecstacy Records!

Then... I called upon my friend,evilorangesyrup and we set up this community together! We named it "Ihou Yakubutsu" (違法薬物) as Ecstasy is a kind of illegal drug. (We hope we can make you high! Haha...) So, that's the story behind our community.

A little about the me...
As you have already know, I'm a GLAY fanatic (you can see from my communitygr3y_4r34 ). I love making icons too. There is nothing too unusual about me, but at the same time, I'm a non-comformist.

Ok. Before you die from boredom, I shall stop blabbering.

Have fun!

P.S: The community is still undergoing construction. Please bear with us for any bad alignments and broken links.
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