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Ihou yakubutsu--違法薬物--

Extasy---Ihou yakubutsu--違法薬物--
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Welcome! This community is for the artists of Yoshiki's record label, 'Extasy Records'. These former and current artists include: GLAY, Luna Sea, Z:Kill, X, Violet UK, TOKYO YANKEES, DEEP, LADIES ROOM, and Abandoned Pools...as well as other bands that maybe aren't mentioned here. ^^;

This community is a moderated community. The moderators are raphaelia and evilorangesyrup. If you break the rules, the mods will give a warning. Further disregard of the rules will result in loss of posting privileges and finally, banishment from the community. Please don't make us do that. ^^ We are both very nice people, and we would love to get to know you all.

Here are a few RULES that the moderators would like to enforce:

1. Please respect the artists and your fellow members. Don't start any word wars over differences in opinion and such.

2. When posting entries longer than a page, or an entry with some pictures, please put the entry behind an lj-cut. An lj-cut looks like this: <*LJ-cut*><*/LJ-cut*> (without the asterisks)

3. Please keep all entries focused on the current or former artists of Extasy Records only! Please don't bring anything in that has nothing to do with the community.

4. Feel free to post pictures, icons, fanart, uploads...whatever you'd like to share. Requests are allowed, but keep it down to one request a week from each member.

5. Have fun!